Compulsive liar

I will be able to hate you whole my life

Even if is she forgives you

I'm not impossible to give up to hate you

You have injure to someone who is my love and my care

Even you do later will make many compensation

I will be able to hate you

But I wish someone had talked to me:this's not truth!!


Hey,you know what truth is ?

The truth is:It's a lie,won't you share a part of a weary heart that has lived a million lies


Hey,you know what lie is ?

The lie is:you create about people and places as you'd like them to be a fantasy

Do you know ,what  is truth ?

It's that little baby you're holding

It's that woman you fought with this morning

The same one you're going to  love with night

That's truth

that's love



Compulsive liar

I've been to crying for my love

If you wanna lie to

If you'll ever see yourself

Can you feel that hate that runs to you

Can you feel that ?

You have injure to someone who is my love and my care

I will call you:Double-X !!!


by:nadi_kitten 2010/05/02











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